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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if my student receives special accommodations?

Many students with extra time accommodations have successfully raised their scores with the help of Bodsat programs. If there is a guiding principle with respect to which program to pick, it might be that students with 150% time will not have a problem in the seminars, but some students with 200% time will want to speak with us first, or choose the private program option.

Can I pick which teacher?

All Bodsat teachers have more than enough experience to handle every student’s learning style. Moreover, the emphasis of a Bodsat program is the Bodsat Method, so the teachers are first and foremost vehicles for the strategies and processes of the Method. It is the Method with which we “empower serious learners,” and it is the Method that lives on as a part of the students’ habits and skill-set long after the test. That said, we will do our best to accommodate personality preferences, but because Bodsat’s teachers number only six, they book early. Moreover, they are spread throughout the Bay Area, so it is sometimes not logistically possible. Still, if there is ever a problem a student is having with a teacher (though this has not yet happened to date), we will make it a priority to resolve it.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our session cancellation policy for Bodsat’s private programs requires 48 hours notice to incur no additional charge, emergencies and illness excepted.

What if my student needs to miss a class in the seminar?

Bodsat seminar students can make up missed classes with private sessions depending on availability. If you know you are going to miss a class, let us know as far in advance as possible so we can arrange for a make-up. We video many of the classes, so you can also request a link to that day’s video. Make-up sessions are billed at $250/hour. They typically take 2-3 hours, and must be completed in advance of the next session.

Do your programs cover any content?

We absolutely do, though it is not our main focus. Typically Bodsat teachers will help students to remember grammar rules and math facts they might be rusty in, but if a significant content gap exists because some fundamental was never learned sufficiently to begin with, we will point the gap out, and empower the student to fill it herself by suggesting the best resources.

Where can I find the class schedule?

For off-campus classes, go here. For on-campus classes, call 800-291-4661.

When is an appropriate time for the consultation?

If the focus is to build a prep plan, the best time for a consultation is the summer prior to the junior year. If the focus is to instill the importance of sleep and study habits, and to assess a student’s progress toward acquiring the fundamentals that are tested on the SAT/ACT, anytime during the high school career would work. Even a senior year consult can be a great idea if a student wants to give the SAT/ACT one more shot, and needs to make every minute count.

How much do our programs cost?

Bodsat’s diagnostic SAT vs ACT is $200; our Family Consultation is $450 (and the diagnostic fee is waived); a Bodsat SAT or ACT Seminar is $1995; Bodsat Hourly Tutoring is $300/hour; a Bodsat Private Program’s cost varies—call 800-291-4661 for details.

Should I plan to take both the SAT and ACT?

No! The tests are quite different from each other, so ideally you will pick the test that better fits your strengths, and put your resources behind that one. This is why we recommend every student start with our SAT vs ACT Diagnostic. Otherwise, you will be taking resources away from your stronger test and using them for your weaker test. Your junior year will be tough as it is, without layering two test prep programs on top.

Would you ever recommend doing both a group and a private program?

No, since the two programs use the same practice tests. Moreover, by the time a student finishes one program, she has learned how to work on her own, and so does not need Bodsat. Still, many students who haven’t reached their goals by then prefer to have a few follow-up private sessions for structure and cheerleading.

When is the best time to start the process?

We welcome families to meet with us for a 90-minute Family Consultation as early as the freshman year to make sure your student is on track with respect to fundamentals acquisition, study habits, sleep habits, mindset, etc. But most families start with an SAT/ACT Diagnostic and Family Consultation at the beginning of the summer prior to the junior year.

Does Bodsat Prep help with the PSAT?

We do not have PSAT programs per se, but since the PSAT is almost identical to the SAT, students who want to prepare for the PSAT can do PSAT and SAT prep at the same time. In fact, the only reason to prepare for the PSAT is to try to become a National Merit Semifinalist, which requires such a high score that you might as well take the SAT at the same time. We recommend thinking about doing an SAT program over the summer if your PSAT scores as a sophomore are in the high 90th percentile, and then taking the SAT and the PSAT in October.

Can I track my student’s progress throughout the program?

Absolutely! The first step is to ask your student to pull out her homework logs and practice test performance logs from her binder. If that doesn’t answer your questions, you can ask the teacher and or that teacher’s managing partner.

I am a seminar student; where is the seminar location?

Go to bodsat.com/signup for all of your seminar details.