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What makes Bodsat different?

Our programs are built exclusively for students with strong academic fundamentals

We all know that finding a good fit is essential to picking a college. However, many fail to consider the importance of fit when choosing a prep company that will help you represent your true potential to those colleges. Because most test prep is geared to middle scorers' needs, high-scoring students (scoring 80% + before prep) are left underserved. Consequently, we decided from the start that Bodsat Prep's mission would be to focus on helping high-scoring students reach the next level.

The Bodsat Method is effective because it is specialized

Fifteen years of focusing only on high scorers has taught us a lot about what they need, as well as what they don't need. In our experience, students who are already scoring 80% and above do not require lots of practice tests to drill content. Nor should they focus on short-cuts designed to "beat" the test, since those tactics will backfire on the harder questions that are so crucial to raising a high score yet higher.

Bodsat Prep has instead built a program that focuses on:

Bodsat teachers have unparalleled experience with high scorers

This is not easy stuff to teach! Bodsat students must learn how to spend as much time analyzing their work as they spend doing problems. Ultimately, they must learn how to learn, about the test and about themselves as test takers. In short, they must become their own coaches. This metacognitive approach to propel high scores still higher requires intelligent, empathetic, highly experienced teachers. That is why Bodsat's instructors came to us with 10-30 years teaching experience, and then spent a minimum of 6 months training in the Bodsat Method before they began teaching Bodsat students.

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