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BodSAT score gains are over three times the industry average.

The average BodSAT student’s score gain is 180 points.

That’s over three times the industry average. And keep in mind that we don’t accept students scoring under 1800 in the first place, so we have a handicap in our averages: none of our students has more than 600 points left to be gained (and many have far less). Even so, BodSAT students gain more points on average than their friends in competing classes.

A better way to express our results is in percentage of points to a perfect 2400.

Our students have only 600 or fewer points that they’re able to gain. And of those points, BodSAT graduates gain an average of one-third. If the industry as a whole could do that, the average gain would be 300 points instead of what it is, which is closer to 30. But you don’t have to take our word for it; read the article in the Wall Street Journal.

Actual recent results:

Here are some real results from recent BodSAT seminars:

  • Jasper scored 2380 (+320)
  • Ryan scored 2290 (+180)
  • Megan scored 2260 (+360)
  • Maddie scored 2250 (+260)
  • Molly scored 2220 (+290)
  • Chris scored 2340 (+340)
  • Varun scored 2320 (+270)
  • Nick scored 2290 (+220)
  • Selena scored 2270 (+140)
  • Zainab scored 2270 (+240)

Get in touch for more results.

Score gains are only the beginning.

A BodSAT seminar is a crash course in real-life skills.

Our graduates come to understand the intersection of academic knowledge and real-world performance. Our analytical methods will put our student in touch with their strengths and weaknesses, so they can leverage the former to overcome the latter.

We teach a basis for effective thought and communication.

The self-evaluation and meta-cognitive skills our students practice with us (that is: knowing themselves, and thinking about how they think) contribute hugely to future success. Better test scores, yes, but also success in future classes and, ultimately, in careers.

Hear from real-life BodSAT students and parents.

“The questions and ideas from other students in the seminar often made me realize things that I did not even know I misunderstood.”

Lili, student, Head-Royce School

“My son’s October SAT scores exceeded our expectations and he largely credits you guys for teaching him how to excel on the test. He scored an overall increase of 280 points, and went from the 82nd percentile nationwide to the 97th! Wow!”

Christine, parent, The Urban School

“BodSAT skills are going to be so useful for my son for college and beyond that I had forgotten it was SAT prep. My son feels exhilarated at the possibilities of a new self-awareness in learning.”

Darothy, parent, Lick Wilmerding High School

“For the first time, I feel like my weaknesses in test-taking have been fully analyzed. All past tutors accepted my carelessness as immutable fact. With this seminar, I’ve learned strategies to combat the carelessness and maximize my performance.”

Kimberly, student, University High School

“I was confident on test day. The seminar was FUN. I felt I had the ability to see through the test questions in a way that gave me more power.”

Zoe, student, University High School

If you’d like to sit in on a class or be put in touch with BodSAT graduates, please contact us.