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As a high scorer, you have different needs.

Bodsat Prep is the only test prep program designed exclusively for high-achieving students.

Our seminars and private programs are designed to give students in the 80th percentile and above the tools needed to turn a good SAT/ACT score into a phenomenal score.

Most students lack strong fundamentals. Not you.

Bodsat Prep moves you beyond basics to give you the skills you really need in order to reach your goals. We handle carelessness, the hardest questions, test anxiety, and endurance. What you learn through Bodsat will serve you for the rest of your life.

We accept students in all high school grades.

From freshman consultations to last-minute senior crises, we can be of service to you no matter when you plan to take the ACT or SAT.

Get started now.

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Expert teachers

Meet Bodsat's teachers.

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Phenomenal results

Congratulations, alums!

  • Paul 2170 → 2340
  • Eric 2050 → 2280
  • Scott 1910 → 2260
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Real testimonials

“All past tutors accepted my carelessness as immutable fact. With this program, I’ve learned strategies to combat my carelessness and maximize my performance.”
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Family Consultation

Is your freshman or sophomore on track for ACT/SAT success?

We'll assess: study habits, sleep habits, and academic fundamentals.
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